Announcing Your Happy Valley Dolls

Announcing the Charter Members of the Happy Valley Dolls travel team for SCAR Derby!
Alyssa "Flying Tomato" Davidge
Amber "The Ovarian Fyst" Shaw
Amber "Train Wreck Aly" Parker
Angela "AK 40 Steffy" Steffy
Caroline Hubbell
Claudia Conrad,
Dani "Danni Savage" Kaulakis,
Emily "Em Munition" Haner,
Katie "Partygirl Accelerator" Pierrot,
Kyla Secreto,
Lacey "Bash'n LaSassin" Auman,
Lindsey "StitcHer Up" Eastman,
Maggie "Rigamoretits" Yesko,
Mary Beth "Mae B. Nasty" Hoffman,
Melanie "Pinky Balboa" Lynch,
Morgan Sample
Nanette "NanBearPig" Tomicek,
Penny "Flower POW'her" Zuck,
Samantha-Rae "Culta Skaro" Tuthill,
Sue "Suenami" Varner

Congratulations, Dolls!  And watch out, competitors!

Team Preview: Meet the Mayhem

Total destruction and annihilation have kept Mt. Nittany Mayhem undefeated thus far, and if you ask them, they fully plan to keep it that way. This band of rough and tough brutes with their pain-dealing blows and hyper-sonic speed have given their arch nemeses, The Pennsyltucky Punishers, a run for their money. Causing complete anarchy and mass chaos on the track, the Mayhem have left the Punishers to pick up the pieces in their wake time and time again. Going into SCAR's third season, this pack of savages on 8-wheels plan to extend their reign of terror, forcing their rivals into the soul-clutching depths of purgatory for all eternity.

Will the Mayhem dominate this contest?  Or will the Punishers prevail?  The only way to find to is by attending this Saturday's bout.

Click here to see who's playing.

Team Preview: The Legend of the Pennsyltucky Punishers

Once upon a time, a group of city businessmen decided to take a canoe trip in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. On their journey, they were lured away from their intended trail by the eerie sounds of dueling banjos and raucous yelling. When they inspected the sounds, they discovered a group of the toughest women they had ever seen, who were busy fighting each other, wrestling bears, and playing their own makeshift version of roller derby. When the ladies realized they were being spied on they accosted the men, who bargained for their lives by offering to take the woodland women to State College, where they could learn the real rules of roller derby.

And so the Pennsyltucky Punishers were brought out of Pennsyltucky to compete in real derby and to (attempt) to live as regular members of society. 

After sessions at SCAR Derby's Rollerskate Reformatory and School for Wayward Women, the Pennsyltucky Punishers are ready to take on their rivals, the Mt. Nittany Mayhem, in the 2013 season opener this Saturday. Will our backwoods beauties prevail? Come to the Third Annual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to see for yourself.

Wanna see who's playing? Check out the roster!

Season Tickets 2013

Back by popular demand, SCAR Derby is offering Season Tickets.  Catch every game -- and get a discount at the same time!

Why should you buy season tickets? You’ll get 6 games for the price of 5 (at the discounted pre-sale rate), which includes all of SCAR Derby’s currently-scheduled home bouts, plus:

  • Special souvenir-quality season pass; transferable to friends and family
  • Priority entry to bouts -- no waiting! Get in first and get the best seats in the house!
  • 10% merchandise discount on all SCAR Derby gear
  • Free admission to special events, including not-yet-scheduled home bouts, scrimmages and events not open to the public
  • Invitations to join the team for away bouts
  • Special recognition at SCAR Derby events
Your season pass includes admission to every SCAR Derby home bout, currently featuring exciting match-ups between the Happy Valley Dolls and visiting teams, including:
  • FEBRUARY 16th - St. Valentine’s Massacre - Punishers vs. Mayhem
  • MARCH 16th - Erin-Go-Brawl - Dolls vs. Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens
  • MAY 11th - SCAR Wars - Punishers vs. Mayhem
  • SEPTEMBER 28th - Punishers vs. Mayhem
  • OCTOBER 19th - OctoberFist - Dolls vs. Crown City Royal Painz
  • DECEMBER 7th - Punishers vs. Mayhem

Get yours now -- they'll only available for a few weeks!

Purchase your season ticket online, in person at the St. Valentine's Massacre, or from your friendly neighborhood derby girl. SCAR Derby season tickets make the perfect gift for every occasion!