Team Preview: Meet the Mayhem

Total destruction and annihilation have kept Mt. Nittany Mayhem undefeated thus far, and if you ask them, they fully plan to keep it that way. This band of rough and tough brutes with their pain-dealing blows and hyper-sonic speed have given their arch nemeses, The Pennsyltucky Punishers, a run for their money. Causing complete anarchy and mass chaos on the track, the Mayhem have left the Punishers to pick up the pieces in their wake time and time again. Going into SCAR's third season, this pack of savages on 8-wheels plan to extend their reign of terror, forcing their rivals into the soul-clutching depths of purgatory for all eternity.

Will the Mayhem dominate this contest?  Or will the Punishers prevail?  The only way to find to is by attending this Saturday's bout.

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