Team Preview: The Legend of the Pennsyltucky Punishers

Once upon a time, a group of city businessmen decided to take a canoe trip in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. On their journey, they were lured away from their intended trail by the eerie sounds of dueling banjos and raucous yelling. When they inspected the sounds, they discovered a group of the toughest women they had ever seen, who were busy fighting each other, wrestling bears, and playing their own makeshift version of roller derby. When the ladies realized they were being spied on they accosted the men, who bargained for their lives by offering to take the woodland women to State College, where they could learn the real rules of roller derby.

And so the Pennsyltucky Punishers were brought out of Pennsyltucky to compete in real derby and to (attempt) to live as regular members of society. 

After sessions at SCAR Derby's Rollerskate Reformatory and School for Wayward Women, the Pennsyltucky Punishers are ready to take on their rivals, the Mt. Nittany Mayhem, in the 2013 season opener this Saturday. Will our backwoods beauties prevail? Come to the Third Annual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to see for yourself.

Wanna see who's playing? Check out the roster!