Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Announcing Your Happy Valley Dolls

Announcing the Charter Members of the Happy Valley Dolls travel team for SCAR Derby!
Alyssa "Flying Tomato" Davidge
Amber "The Ovarian Fyst" Shaw
Amber "Train Wreck Aly" Parker
Angela "AK 40 Steffy" Steffy
Caroline Hubbell
Claudia Conrad,
Dani "Danni Savage" Kaulakis,
Emily "Em Munition" Haner,
Katie "Partygirl Accelerator" Pierrot,
Kyla Secreto,
Lacey "Bash'n LaSassin" Auman,
Lindsey "StitcHer Up" Eastman,
Maggie "Rigamoretits" Yesko,
Mary Beth "Mae B. Nasty" Hoffman,
Melanie "Pinky Balboa" Lynch,
Morgan Sample
Nanette "NanBearPig" Tomicek,
Penny "Flower POW'her" Zuck,
Samantha-Rae "Culta Skaro" Tuthill,
Sue "Suenami" Varner

Congratulations, Dolls!  And watch out, competitors!

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