Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Part II

Last week, we commented on some upcoming roster moves.  Now that the dust has settled from that process, we have some news to communicate.

1. The Mayhem got a new skater -- Animalisa. Animalisa tried out for SCAR in April of 2011, and has made steady progress through the ranks, most recently passing her Level 2 assessments this week.  When not at the rink, Animalisa is a student, artist and musician, and recommended SCAR's halftime game beneficiary.  Animalisa brings a toughness to the game that is hard to beat.  She plays both as a blocker and as a jammer.

2. The Punishers will be captained by #8, Hootie's Bootie.  Lots has been written about Hootie's Bootie across the internets, so we won't comment much here.  You all already know that she was an Olympic contender in speed skating, and appears in many best-of lists across the northeast along with her twin, #21 SOUNDS Like Magic.  As captain, Hootie hopes to bring her strategic skills and ability to lead by example to the Punishers.

3. The Mayhem will be captained by #16, EmMunition.  As the slogan goes, "guns don't kill people -- EmMunition kills people."  Em, like Hootie, has been with SCAR Derby for most of its history, and also plays on the Happy Valley Dolls, where she has been described as "a brute," and "the person you watch out for in the pack."  In any case, EmMunition plans to bring her toughness and determination to advancing the Mayhem. 

We still don't quite know who the guest skaters will be.  But do these personnel changes change your feelings about the outcome of the bout?  Who do you think will prevail, and why?