What It Takes

Roller Derby is a lot of things: camaraderie, athleticism, and competition.  But it's also hard work.  Roller girls and Refs put lot of time and money into making SCAR Derby successful. Here's what to expect if you think you want to join the ranks:
  • 2-3 practices per week, 2 hours each
  • Monthly league meeting, 1-2 hours
  • Committee meetings as needed
  • Bouts. Home bouts occur roughly 7 times a season, and these usually take up the better part of the day, if you include the after-party :)
  • Away bouts occur 7 or 8 times a season. These can involve long drives and overnights for those who make the travel team or opt to come along.
  • Monthly rink fees-$35 also allows access to open skates on weekends and holidays.
  • League dues-$40 biannually.
  • USARS-$45 per year.
  • Equipment-$200+ for mouth guard, skates, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards (bare minimum equipment to play).
  • Clinic to learn basic skills-$25 for 4 hour skills learning and open skate.
Is it all worth it?  40ish skaters and refs think so.  It's hard work, but a ton of fun as well.  If you'd like to try it, we have a clinic coming up on 2/19 where you can learn all the skills that you'll need to try out on 2/26.  Email recruitment@scarderby.com