Get to Know: Melee Cyrus

Melee Cyrus started playing SCAR Derby when SCAR was still being called "that team that I think we should form."  However, these days she can be found off skates, volunteering as a non-skating official (or NSO) to ensure that SCAR Derby's bouts come off smoothly, and ensuring that the team's supply of Girl Scout cookies never runs low.    

How long have you been playing and participating? 

I helped start the league back in October of 2010!  I actually coined the SCAR name, my one claim to fame for the league. These days, I am an NSO, usually in charge of tracking penalties or penalty wrangling

Tell us about your derby name. 

I was originally calling myself Venus De Melee, which I thought was kind of clever.  However, Brace and a few others started calling me Melee Cyrus, and it stuck.  I also go by Angry Librarian.

Off the track, what are your work and hobbies?

I am a school librarian, and mother of two kids.  My life outside of derby is pretty much devoted to my kids, helping with scouts and working for the swim team.

What was your most embarassing SCAR moment?

My most embarassing SCAR moment was when I wore my skates out in the rain to go grab something in my car and ended up wiping out on the sidewalk! I dislocated my elbow and felt really stupid.

What have you learned from Derby that you can apply to everyday life?

One thing that I have learned from Derby that I can apply to my every day life is that I am a lot more fun than I used to give myself credit for.  Being a wife and mom, surrounded by children all day every day, I felt like I lost part of my personality in between Sesame Street episodes.  Having time to talk with women from all different backgrounds allowed me to become more of myself again.  I also learned that I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for.  I wouldn't want to run into me in a dark alley!

What's the thing you love most about being an NSO? 

Since I am no longer practicing with the team, I feel that being an NSO is the next best thing.  It is the best seat in the house to watch the bouts!

Note: SCAR Derby is still looking for volunteers!  If you're interested, email