SCAR Skaters Rule the Keystone All-Stars

Congratulations to twin wonders Sounds like Magic and Hootie's Bootie for representing SCAR on the Keystone All-Stars teams.

Magic was named named captain of the Keystone All-Stars Team

Said the Examiner of Magic:

Sounds Like Magic was key in the development of the league in the upcoming months. She has always been a huge help in training other skaters the basics, and when it comes to game play, she is S.C.A.R.’s ringer with the star.

Meanwhile, Hootie's Bootie made the Keystone All-Stars Nemesis Team.

From the Examiner:

Hootie’s Bootie (State College Area Rollers) – This speed skater is the sister of Keystone All Star Sounds Like Magic. Though from a small league, she has been able to tune her juking skills and has become a top jammer for her team in a short amount of time. If there is a small gap in a wall she will break through. If anyone can counter Magic, it’s Hootie’s Bootie.

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