SCAR vs. Skyland -- By the Images

For this bout, our official photographer was tied up elsewhere. So the Red Headed Ninja stepped in and provided us with some wonderful images instead.

Take a look below -- and if you're in need of a photographer for an upcoming event, consider giving her a call at 814-470-1132.

The Skyland pack.

Hell's Mels and Skyland's Captain on the jammer line.

Skyland's jammer and Plunder Woman of SCAR Derby, on the jammer line.

Get to Know: Cujoh

Photo courtesy of Chuck Fong Studio2
Since we're in a college town, the end of the academic year brings losses as skaters graduate and move on. One such skater is the dear, departed Cujoh. Below is a little about her experience with SCAR, which she will be applying to a new team in Boston.

Off the track, what kind of work do you do? Do you have any other hobbies besides roller derby?

Outside of derby, I am pretty busy with school work. I am at Penn State getting a BA in Film, a BS in Special Education, a M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, certification as a Reading Specialist, a minor in Deafness and Hearing Studies, and a minor in Human Development and Family studies. Currently, I am a student teacher and have two part time jobs; one on campus and one at a security company. I like theatre, film making, and DIY/crafty projects.

What drew you to roller derby?

I just wanted to try something new. I saw an ad on Craigslist and showed up, learned to skate, and loved it. It was a great way to get exercise, plus, its always fun to get to hit people.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Learning to play and skate. I came into this sport having never skated before. The first time I put skates on was at open recruitment for SCAR a year and a half ago. I could barely move off of the wall and within five months I skated in my first bout. While I still have a lot to learn, I am very proud of the progress I have made within such a short time.

What is your athletic background?

I would make the team but was always the fat kid that slowed down the "fun run" pace. I played a bunch of sports all throughout childhood, including soccer and lacrosse for about 10 years each.

What would you tell a person who is thinking about coming to a SCAR Bout/trying out to ref or skate for SCAR/volunteering with SCAR?

Do it. Just try it. Its not for everyone, but it is definitely a new endeavor that you should experience if you can. Nothing I have done before has been similar to Roller Derby and you can't really get the full idea of what it is like without doing it (even if you watched Whip It).

Hot, Wet Derby

Roller Derby is fast, fun, and also kind of expensive! SCAR Derby is skater-owned and skater-operated, and skater-funded, and all those bouts, away contests, and such can add up fast.

So, please join us at Advance Auto Parts on Atherton Street this Sunday and help support SCAR. We will have derby girls on hand to wash cars and sell SCAR's fantastic merchandise. It's going to be a great time -- don't miss it!

SCAR vs. Skyland: By the Numbers

  • Skyland's MVP was Tiger Munition.
  • Skyland's Stonehouse Becca took home the top honors as Heaviest Hitter.
  • Penalty leaders for Skyland included Stonehouse Becca and Queen Guillotine, who tied with 4 majors.

  • SCAR's MVP was Hell's Mels.
  • SCAR's Heaviest Hitter was EmMunition -- and she has the bruises to prove it!
  • SCAR's penalty leader was Hell's Mels, with 6. She was trailed by Danni Savage, who racked up 5.
Final result -- Skyland 250, SCAR 125.

Scar vs. Skyland -- A Quick Recap

Saturday dawned, sunny and hot, with Skyland rolling in from New Jersey for a rematch against the Happy Valley Dolls. Last time the two teams battled, SCAR Derby prevailed -- but would this be the case this time around?

Early on, it appeared that SCAR would dominate. Plunder Woman, in her hometown debut, racked up 20- and 14-point power jams, while Skyland struggled to find its footing. Mae B. Nasty and Hell's Mels also added points, to place SCAR ahead of Skyland for much of the first period.

However, an epic 19-point power jam late in the first period by Tiger Munition was followed by a 12-point power jam by guest Skylander Veronika Gettsburger, and the tide began to turn. Dogged by penalties, SCAR began to slip behind. At the half, Skyland led 125-77.

The second period, always exciting, never saw SCAR entirely catch up. Penalties continued to be a challenge, as SCAR spent much of the second period defending with partial blocking lines. However, successful jams resulted in additional points for SCAR by Miss Tart, The Partygirl Accelerator, Hell's Mels, and Mae B. Nasty. Injuries were sustained by both SCAR and Skyland, additionally thinning the ranks.

The period culminated in two tense jams, in which neither team was able to make more than one scoring pass. On the final jam, however, Skyland's Superstitches was able to pull of an exhilirating star pass, giving Skyland a final burst of 23 points.

Final result? Skyland 250, SCAR 125.

Tart, Not Sweet

And last, but not least, she's like a Warhead -- seems sweet, but she's incredibly tart.  Ask her for an autograph, and you'll get a shy smile, but ask for a scoring pass and you'll find yourself on the ground. 

Also known as "Tall Girl," Miss Tart has battled through injuries and illnesses to make her Dolls debut this Saturday.  An all-around player who can jam as well as she blocks, Miss Tart has the magical ability to be a one-woman wall or slip through the tiniest of cracks in a line to put up points on behalf of her beloved SCAR Derby.

From Phillispburg-Osceola, Miss Tart has long been a familiar face in the community and at the rink, where she has served as an NSO.  This Saturday marks her debut in the Dolls lineup.

The Hometown Hitter

Hailing from Penn's Valley,  the fearsome Blackout Betty is no stranger to Happy Valley.  You may know her from the local scene, or have seen her at bouts, where she is the Intraleague Coordinator for SCAR Derby and also has served as bench coach for the Happy Valley Dolls on numerous occasions.  However, you've never seen her play at home, as she'll do for the first time this Saturday.

BB is big, aggressive, and unafraid to lay an opponent out.  She's a clean but brutal player, who strikes fear into the hearts of hapless jammers who try to get between her and the inside line.  Look for her to be a crucial part of SCAR's defense, in a three-man wall or sweeping solo.

And in SCAR's Corner...

SCAR Derby doesn't have any special guests for this bout.  But we do have a ton of debuts -- hometown debuts, that is.  First up is Plunder Woman.  You may have seen her NSOing or taking tickets at previous SCAR bouts -- those are the best spots for learning about SCAR and derby, and Plunderina is a quick study.  So quick, in fact, that she got MVP at her first bout a few weeks ago against the Eerie Roller Girls of Erie, PA.  Plunder Woman is fast, tough, and stubborn, and she applies those skills primarily to scoring as much as possible against SCAR's opponents.  She is new, but she is a serious contender.  This Saturday's bout will be her first time in action at the Penn Skates rink.  Don't miss this rising star.                                                                                                                   

Lineup Change!

Just to keep you fans on your toes, this bout includes a few special guests.  Skyland has several guest skaters, which may make predicting the outcome of this contest especially challenging.
First up is Liberty Violence, who some of you may recognize from the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Roller Radicals. 

From this year's Keystone All-Stars writeup, Liberty was described like so:

Mac Truck coming through. Liberty Violence is power, smarts and strategy all wrapped up in one. She is very accustomed to working with a young team who she often has to coach as the jam proceeds.

Also coming along from Wilkes Barre-Scranton is Veronika Gettsburger, an equally formidable opponent.  From our last matchup at Battle in the Valley:

For the Roller Radicals, [MVP] must go to #81 Veronika Gettsburger; not just for her brute force and awareness, but for her work as a pivot and jammer as well. Burger was a key to this team’s success and probably played in 85% of the jams. She had a strong support system to help her, and she knew how to use it to her advantage.

Additionally, we have guest refs!
Assay Kicker from the NJ Hellrazors, Broseph Stalin from the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens, and Verbal Assault and Shearer from Hanover's Black Rose Rollers are rolling into town to help officiate the bout. Thanks, guys!

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