Tart, Not Sweet

And last, but not least, she's like a Warhead -- seems sweet, but she's incredibly tart.  Ask her for an autograph, and you'll get a shy smile, but ask for a scoring pass and you'll find yourself on the ground. 

Also known as "Tall Girl," Miss Tart has battled through injuries and illnesses to make her Dolls debut this Saturday.  An all-around player who can jam as well as she blocks, Miss Tart has the magical ability to be a one-woman wall or slip through the tiniest of cracks in a line to put up points on behalf of her beloved SCAR Derby.

From Phillispburg-Osceola, Miss Tart has long been a familiar face in the community and at the rink, where she has served as an NSO.  This Saturday marks her debut in the Dolls lineup.