Scar vs. Skyland -- A Quick Recap

Saturday dawned, sunny and hot, with Skyland rolling in from New Jersey for a rematch against the Happy Valley Dolls. Last time the two teams battled, SCAR Derby prevailed -- but would this be the case this time around?

Early on, it appeared that SCAR would dominate. Plunder Woman, in her hometown debut, racked up 20- and 14-point power jams, while Skyland struggled to find its footing. Mae B. Nasty and Hell's Mels also added points, to place SCAR ahead of Skyland for much of the first period.

However, an epic 19-point power jam late in the first period by Tiger Munition was followed by a 12-point power jam by guest Skylander Veronika Gettsburger, and the tide began to turn. Dogged by penalties, SCAR began to slip behind. At the half, Skyland led 125-77.

The second period, always exciting, never saw SCAR entirely catch up. Penalties continued to be a challenge, as SCAR spent much of the second period defending with partial blocking lines. However, successful jams resulted in additional points for SCAR by Miss Tart, The Partygirl Accelerator, Hell's Mels, and Mae B. Nasty. Injuries were sustained by both SCAR and Skyland, additionally thinning the ranks.

The period culminated in two tense jams, in which neither team was able to make more than one scoring pass. On the final jam, however, Skyland's Superstitches was able to pull of an exhilirating star pass, giving Skyland a final burst of 23 points.

Final result? Skyland 250, SCAR 125.