The People Who Make It Happen

The Bash'N LaSassin, Laurel Wrath, and Paige Smith.
 So, we all know about the skaters, right?  And the refs, hopefully? 

Something that's kind of unusual about roller derby is that everyone out there, whether they're on the track or behind the scenes, is a volunteer. 

The skaters pay their own way, and it can be a pretty big economic commitment between gear and rink fees and travel. But the refs and NSOs are also there on their own steam and at their own initiative, and there would be no bouts without them. 

SCAR Derby has some of the best volunteers in the world, bar none.  The photo is of three who traveled with the team to Cortland, NY, last weekend to act as non-skating officials (NSOs)-- which is just one of the ways that SCAR volunteers help the team do what it does.

What is an NSO?  An NSO officiates off-skates -- they facilitate the reporting of scores and penalties, track lineups, make sure that skaters who are in the penalty box stay in the box, and more.  The hardest part of NSOing is acting impartial when your team does something awesome. 

However, SCAR also needs bout staff to run and team staff to run, and even for the bout in Cortland a group of volunteers traveled along to keep things running smoothly.  Those folks shouting at people from the bench are volunteers -- they bench coach and help the team track its lineups.  And did you see the folks at the merchandise table?  They, and the ticket and seating staff, are all volunteers who have given their time to help SCAR operate.  And the EMTs, who patch up our skaters when they get injured?  They're volunteers, too. 

We're always looking for new members at every level -- skaters, refs, and volunteers. If you want to be part of SCAR, we want to find a place where you can be involved.  And if you don't have the time to volunteer, just thank our volunteers.  We literally can't operate without them.