Scrap in the Stacks -- SCAR 139, Royal Pains 143

If You Seek Aimee was the SCAR MVP
SCAR started the bout up against the undefeated Cortland Royal Pains.  But midway through the first period SCAR fell back on a disastrous power jam that gave The Royal Pains 20-some points.
At the half, SCAR was about 30 points down --80-something to 50-something.
SCAR started the second period trailing, but began to close the gap. A killer power jam by Partygirl Accelerator, and then one by Kyssing Kaos put SCAR within 25 points with just 4 minutes to go. SCAR's jammers for the most part did not get the lead, but did force Cortland to call off jams before they could score much if at all.
Next up: Hells Mels, with less than two minutes on the clock.  And she blew it out! Hells Mels got lead jammer and Cortland's jammer got sent to the box. Power jam! Hells Mels went through the pack again and again in the minute that the other jammer was in the box. She called off the jam just as the other jammer was sprung. The whole arena held its breath as the score was tallied.

Final result:SCAR 139 - Royal Pains 143. So close!