Looking back...

Photo by SCAR Derby's Official photographer, Chuck Fong.  http://www.fongstudio2.com/

So, this page has been kinda quiet...

Not intentionally, though.  We've just been almost too busy to update.

Just a few of the things we did in the last few weeks:

On April 7, SCAR played the Roc City B-Sides at home. 

Those of you who've been SCAR fans for a while might remember that SCAR's very first road bout was against the B-Sides, about a year ago -- and Roc City murdered us.  Would this be more of the same?  How have the teams changed in a year? 

Turns out that both teams have gotten a lot better.  SCAR put up a valiant battle against the B-Sides after a slow start, ramping up the points and trading off jammer leads throughout the bout.  Penalty leaders were Kyssing Koas for SCAR and Lethal Lorelei and Jess Kaboom for Roc City. Hells Mels rallied the team with a 14-point power jam in the second period. But ultimately, Roc City prevailed.  Final score: SCAR Derby's Happy Valley Dolls 77 to Roc City B-Sides 141.

On April 21, SCAR Played the Skyland Roller Girls in Morristown, NJ.  This bout was a double header, and SCAR and SRG battled to the finish!  Final score: SCAR Derby's Happy Valley Dolls 120 to Skyland 104.