What's Up Next

Though SCAR has a little over a month off between the St. Valentine's Massacre and the April 7th matchup between the Happy Valley Dolls and Rochester, NY's Roc City B-Sides, that doesn't mean that SCAR skaters, refs and volunteers aren't working hard.

This weekend's Mayhem on the Mountain pits the best and most brutal of skaters from Pennsylvania against the best and most brutal skaters of New York, including at least two SCAR Derby skaters.  SCAR's own SOUNDS Like Magic and Aralia Spine will be competing on behalf of Pennsylvania. 

SCAR's own Hootie's Booty was also scheduled to compete, but after a lower body injury during the St,. Valentine's Massacre she was designated day to day on skating -- even if she isn't playing, though, she'll be there to cheer the other SCARs on, as will many team members.

On the officiating rosters, Brawl N Order will be serving as an outside pack ref, while Flannery O'Clobber will be penalty wrangling. And the poster was designed by none other than SCAR's own Danni Savage, who also designed Team USA's World Cup t-shirts.

Want tickets?  No need -- admission is free!  Hope to see you at the Mountain!