All SCARs Were Once SCABs

The lovely and talented A.P.

It's true -- once upon a time, all of the skaters that you now see tearing up the rink and opposing teams' skaters were once newbies, some of whom could barely skate and some of whom came to SCAR with an extensive background in skating or other sports.

This Sunday, an intrepid crew of new skaters tried out for SCAR, and qualified to start training with the team as SCABs or "Fresh Meat." What does this mean? It means that for the next eight weeks they will work on skating fundamentals and derby essentials in hopes of passing their Level 1 assessments. If they pass their Level 1 assessments, they will become eligible for contact, meaning that they will then be allowed to hit and be hit. (Not like in the photo, though that seems to be how some people think it works.)

Among the new crew are Kate Anton and Amber Parker, who you may recognize from SCAR bouts. Both previously volunteered or acted as non-skating officials for the league, and have been involved in derby in a variety of non-skating roles. Joining them are a crew of new but very enthusiastic and talented skaters.

So, congratulations to our newest SCABs -- and best of luck on becoming SCARs!