Shenita Stretcher Joins SCAR Derby!

...for two days, anyway.  Elena "Shenita Stretcher" Jaworski, badass derby girl and World Cup champion, will be guest coaching SCAR for two practices this upcoming week. 

As Blood and Thunder magazine reports:

Shenita Stretcher began skating with the Philly Roller Girls in the fall of 2006. Skating in her 5th season, Shenita captains the defending Warrior Cup champions, The Broad Street Butchers, and skates with Philly's All-Star travel team, The Liberty Belles. Shenita skates with national All-star teams such as Flying Sparkling Object Posse and Team Legit. She is also as skater for Quadzilla's Team Antik. Her overall awareness for derby is seen all over the track. Whether juking or jumping through the pack as a blocker or jammer, Shenita is recognized for her skill, strength, and attitude on the track. This has earned her the respect as an athlete in the derby community. Though Shenita enjoys spreading her knowledge and experience of the sport, she never stops learning and growing as an athlete. Shenita has independently coached leagues such as The Big Easy Roller Girls, Mobile Roller Derby, South Jersey Derby Girls, and Jersey Shore Roller Girls. Shenita Stretcher is excited to jump into more derby players' lives and share her magical powers.
Like most derby teams, SCAR alternates its coaching staff with guest coaches periodically to bring in outside knowledge, teach new skills, and compliment the general training program.  We're thrilled to host Shenita Stretcher, and can't wait to find out what she has to teach the ladies of SCAR Derby.