Those of you who watched last year's bouts may be surprised to see new faces in Punishers and Mayhem uniforms -- both new skaters, and skaters on different teams.  So many factors affect the way that teams develop -- attrition, the development of individual skaters, injuries, and so on.  So recently the Mayhem and Punishers were "rebalanced" -- this means that they traded players in some cases and debuted a new roster. 
  • For the Pennsyltucky Punishers, the new roster consists of Juana Teaze, the Ovarian Fyst, If You Seek Aimee, Freak Hopper Heddy, Party Girl Accelerator, Kissing Kaos, Alka-Velsor, Mae B Nasty, Black Out Betty, Hootie's Bootie, and Suenami.
  • For the Mount Nittany Mayhem, the roster includes Bump and Grabher, Danni Savage, Sounds Like Magic, Em Munition, Miss Tart, Cu Joh, Va Johnna, Jass Whoopin, Hells Mels, Glitter and Doom, and Aralia Spine.
"But wait!" you say.  That's only 11-12 skaters per side!  And normally a team would seat more than that!" 

Correct you are -- we're not done constructing the teams' rosters.  There are two ways that this will happen:
  • SCAR will host guest skaters -- in fact, SCAR often hosts guest refs, too, and is expecting some folks to help us out from the Eerie Roller Girls during this particular bout. We'll keep you posted on those developments.
  • New skaters will be assessed and qualify to bout.  SCAR currently has a handful of skaters who have made their way through tryouts, through Fresh Meat camp, and through Level 1 assessments -- they will be taking their Level 2 assessments TONIGHT. We look forward to telling you which ones will be debuting in this bout. And, of course, we wish them luck, too. 
Finally, you might have noticed that the teams haven't yet announced captains -- this is because they have yet to choose them.  That should occur sometime this week, as well, and we will share that news when it's available to us.

Keep an eye on this space for these and other developments.  There's a lot happening in Derbyland!