Teams and People

SCAR Derby is skater-owned and skater-operated, meaning that for every girl on the rink there are 2-3 people off the rink helping to make bouts happen and run the organization.  These are the people who make this league possible.

Morgan Sample -- Marketing
Sarah Craig -- Secretary
TBD -- Creative
Rachel Gaddis -- President
Nanette Tomicek -- Vice President
Amber Shaw-- Head Coach
Penny Zuck -- Treasurer
Nicole Benevento -- Human Resources
Drea Choperena -- Intraleague Bout Coordinator

The Happy Valley Dolls
SCAR's A Travel Team
Photo credit: Maggie Yesko

Claudia "ClauDiabla" Conrad
Nicole "Cole Train" Benevento
Drea "Anya Arson" Choperena
Sue "Suenami" Varner
Amber "The Ovarian Fyst" Shaw
Nanette "NanBear Pig" Tomicek
Samantha-Rae "Culta Skaro" Tuthill
Dani "Dani Savage" Kaulakis
Melanie "Pinky Balboa" Lynch
Lacey "Bash'n LaSassin" Auman
Helen Rose "Zorra" Geleskie

Kyla "Kyssing Kaos" Secreto

Morgan "Claire Violent" Sample
Penny "Flower POW'her" Zuck
Rachel "Blackout Betty" Gaddis

Plan B
SCAR's B Travel Team
Photo credit: Maggie Yesko

Amanda "Dash Ketchum" Dash

Jenn "Stagersaurus" Stager
Patty "Granarchy" Leggett
Sandi "Manic Pixie Mean Girl" Richter
Taryn "T-Wrecks" Graf
 Michelle "Sasshole" Peffer

The Mount Nittany Mayhem 
SCAR's Intraleague Team

The Pennsyltucky Punishers 
 SCAR's Intraleague Team


#1955 the Po Po
Nigel Dirt
#5-Oh Brawl & Order
Rude Boy

NSOs, Volunteers, and League Skaters
Hells Mels
Mae B. Nasty
Em Munition
Danni Savage
Kyssing Kaos
Partygirl Accelerator
If You Seek Aimee
The Ovarian Fyst
Va Jonna
Plunder Woman
Miss Tart
Blackout Betty
Beth By Beheading 
Sassy Kat
Flannery O'Clobber
Amber Parker
Rob Egan
#23 Foxy Beats
Samantha Jeffery
Claudia Conrad
Jill Brace
Melee Cyrus
Lacey Aumann
Whoop Jass
Chuck Fong
Ray the EMT
Anya Arson
Ida Lively
Mark Lively
Angel Soto
Lauren Kaplow
Meghan Pyle
April Myers

Alumni and Friends
Barracuda Bombshell
Jim Kane
#1979 Little Sweetie
Stinger the Ref
Connie Sigliere
Kate Strawn
Olivia Gover
Lucy Backer
Go Ref Yourself
Jes Bodnar
Carmen Cole
Sara Eve Rivera
Train Wreck McGee
Jacquelyn Carrier
 Mr. Slamderson
 Pink E. Breaker
Joshua Kurdys
Heidi Sleiss
Show P*wny
Tanner Sweeney
Lady F'n Justice
Juana Teaze
Hootie's Bootie
Bump and Grabher
SOUNDS like Magic
Aralia Spine