It. Is. On!

Hey, SCAR fans -- hope you can handle a lot of derby, because we've got lost going on.

First, SCAR takes on ROC City at ROC City this weekend.  If you've ever thought about seeing SCAR on the road, you need to get to this bout -- it's going to be EPIC.

Second, our next intraleague is coming up.  SCAR Wars happens May 11th, complete with stormtroopers and more in costume, and featuring all your older favorite skaters as well as the debut of several newbies.  Normally intraleagues sell out, so get your tickets now!

Third, SCAR hosted its recruitment clinic Sunday and lots of people came out -- but just because you missed it doesn't mean you can't come out for recruitment.  Recruitment night is May 19th -- save the date and get to some open skates!