SCAR Derby's Season Schedule!
Upcoming Bouts:
FEBRUARY 16th - St. Valentine’s Massacre - Punishers vs. Mayhem
MARCH 16th - Erin-Go-Brawl - Dolls vs. Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens
April 13th - Dolls @ Steel City Derby Demons B-Side
May 4th - Dolls @ ROC City B-Sides
MAY 11th - SCAR Wars - Punishers vs. Mayhem
June 1st - Dolls @ Dutchland Blitz
August 24th - Dolls @ Chautauqua County RD(Jamestown, NY) Babes of Wrath
SEPTEMBER 28th - Punishers vs. Mayhem
October 13th - Pottstown Tournament
OCTOBER 19th - OctoberFist - Dolls vs. Crown City Royal Painz
November 9th - Dolls @ Iron Mountain Roller Girls (Cumberland, MD)
DECEMBER 7th - Punishers vs. Mayhem
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