Save the Dates!

Though we're heading into the end of the season, SCAR has tons of activities planned -- mark your calendars, so you won't miss a thing!

  • On November 3rd, SCAR's Happy Valley Dolls will travel to Morristown, NJ, to take on the Corporal Punishers!  Get tickets here!  This will be the first time that these teams have played, so anything could happen!
  • On November 10th, SCAR's Happy Valley Dolls returns home to take on the Cortland Crown City Rollerz in a rematch that promises to be thrilling.  Last time the two teams battled in Cortland, with SCAR coming back from a 60-point deficit to a nail-biting finale in which Crown City came out ahead -- barely. Halftime activities, charity benefits, and more -- but most of all, head to head competition!  Don't miss this bout!  Tickets here or from your friendly neighborhood derbier.  Get 'em now and get 'em at a discount!
  • And finally, SCAR's next Pre-Recruitment clinic is Sunday, January 13th! If you think that it is too soon to save the date, think again! Get out there and start practicing! Drop us a line to schedule a time to come watch practice so you know what you will get getting yourself into!

SCAR Talent

Did you know that many of SCAR's posters are done by guest artists, who volunteer their time to help out?

The 10/13 bout poster is produced by Daniel Pittenger, a local artist who also happens to operate a t-shirt shop.  Daniel is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He has an Associates of Applied Arts degree. Upon graduating Daniel worked for COX Communications and LaFarge Road Markings, and he's currently employed with Shop-Vac Corporation as a Graphic Designer.

Please consider supporting him, as he supports SCAR.  We couldn't do it without his help!

Get Your Advance Tickets Here!

For one week only, advance tickets to our October 13th Happy Valley Dolls vs. the Wilkes-Barre Roller Radicals come at a special price -- $2 off!

Get them online at or from your friendly neighborhood rollergirl or ref, while they last.

SCAR's Film Debut

Got an email this morning from Jen Crandell, late of State College and now of California. A short doc that she created about SCAR is in the running for a film festival!

So, fans, we need your help! The "ArcLight Documentary Film Festival" is doing public facebook voting right now, so please go vote for "The Derby Girls" (you can only vote for one film per category). The top 5 films per category with the most votes will be shown publicly at ArcLight theaters.

Help us put the State College Area Rollers and roller derby further on the map by voting for this short film. Spread the word to as many derby girls as possible and let's enhance the positive image of roller derby!

Want to get a sneak peek? Here it is! Please share this across the derby world!