Time and Talent

Hopefully you've seen our fantastic bout posters around town for the upcoming bout on April 7th -- but do you know anything about the artist who produced them?

Jeremy Bratton does graphic design, illustration, and web design for a variety of clients, from corporations to bands.

Despite having a full slate of compensated work, "Jerm" donated his considerable time and talent to helping SCAR Derby develop a bout poster for the Easter Eggstravaganza.

And it is amazing! If you want to know more, visit his site.

Eggs, bunnies...and roller girls?

That's right -- don't miss our Easter Eggstravaganza!

More details here...and get your tickets here.  Don't miss it!

Getting Ready to Rumble...

Just a few notes, because the web site is about to get busy again --

1. We'll be debuting a new column by board member and general badass Em-Munition in the next few days.  Em has graciously offered to demystify derby in a series of Derby 101 columns.

2. April 7th is our next home bout, and we need your help to make it successful. As always, we're looking for volunteers -- specifically, at this point we need NSOs and National Anthem singers.  Know someone who is amazing?  Tell them to get in touch with us!

3. We also need artists!  Our bout posters are amazing, and that's because of the amazing talent that creates them.  SCAR welcomes and appreciates guest artists -- as well as spreads their artwork all over town.  For more info, email samples to dkaulakis@gmail.com.

4.  By popular demand, we are going to offer season tickets for the first time ever within the next few days.  Look for an anouncement about the packages we offer and the ways to get them on Monday, and get a front-row seat to SCAR's whole season!

What Happens on the Mountain

Aralia Spine and SOUNDS Like Magic block Delicate Flower.
Photo courtesy of Brian Cameron. 
More here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zercool
...changes the whole roller derby world!

We're waiting for a full recap at the moment, but meanwhile here's what I can tell you from the cheap seats, a.k.a. the standing-room-only area inside the track where us NSOs hang out.  This weekend's bout in Salamanca, NY was off-the-hook amazing!

SCAR Derby's own SOUNDS Like Magic captained PA's All-Stars B Team, while Aralia Spine brought the pain upon hapless NY jammers who might try to breach the defenses of the PA All-Stars B Team. 

How did that work out?  PA won -- by a lot.  Honestly, I'm not even sure what the score was, it was so exciting.  PA's All-Stars B-team combined talents from all over the state.  The bout was a double-header with the All-Stars A bout, which PA also won.

Congratulations, PA All-Stars!