SCAR 205-ERG 116

So, the Disco Brawl went well -- and there was in fact blood on the dance floor.  There were more split lips than afros and flare pants! 

The Eerie Roller Girls and SCAR started off fairly evenly matched, though SCAR had a slight edge from the start, getting 13 points from SOUNDS Like Magic's inaugural jam.  Kyssing Kaos (with 7) and Partygirl Accelerator (with 17) contributed several power jams to widen the gulf, while EmMunition, Aralia Spine, and If You Seek Aimee were standouts on the blocker line. At the half, SCAR was ahead 81 to 58.

In the second period, the teams traded scoring runs, but SCAR continued to surge ahead.  Triple threat Kyssing Kaos held down blocker, jammer, and pivot positions with equal aplomb -- when she wasn't chilling in the penalty box alongside hard-hitting Aralia Spine.  There were several injuries in the second period, and several skaters had to be iced down and cleaned up -- but no one was injured enough to be pulled from the bout.  All of the SCAR jammers repeated their successes from the first period, putting up power jams -- Partygirl Accelerator contributed the most points in one power jam, with 17.  Though Chris T. Bone on the ERG side put up considerable points while taking few.  And SCAR's Aralia Spine, on her one run as jammer, contributed 16 points.  When the dust cleared, SCAR had 205 points to ERG's 116.

MVPs: Kyssing Kaos (SCAR) and KunPOWSki (ERG)
Hardest Hitters: Aralia Spine (SCAR) and Snatch (ERG)