When They're Not on the Track...

SCARs can often be found in the community -- both the derby community and the local community.

SCAR refs and skaters often travel to help out other leagues. Recently, SCAR Derby helped out with the Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens' bout against the Jerzey Brigade's Major Pains. And this weekend head ref Brace will travel to ref the Harrisburg Area Roller Derby vs. Dutchland bout.

Last week, SCAR participated in the Parade of Heroes celebrating the 4th of July in our home State College, and this weekend SCAR can be found in the Phillispburg Heritage Days parade, at Boalsburg's People's Choice Festival, at the State College ArtsFest, and at the State College Spikes game.

And finally, SCAR's own Danni Savage, who is the league's director of Creative, makes her talents available to the derby world on occasion as well as overseeing all the talented artists who donate their work for the benefit of SCAR. The logo to the left is the one she devised for Team USA to us ein its upcoming bouts against Team Finland and Team Sweden.