But Wait -- Guest Skaters for the Mount Nittany Mayhem!

As if the upcoming St. Valentine's Massacre weren't exciting enough with all the abundant SCAR Derby homegrown talent, SCAR Derby is also playing host to a few talented skaters from other leagues who've agreed to share their talent and time with the league and fans.

Not to be outdone by the Pennsyltucky Punishers, the Mount Nittany Mayhem have also recruited their own stable of hard-brawling guest skaters. 

In this corner, for the Mount Nittany Mayhem, we have:
Twisted-Destini, #F8, from the the Nightmares on Main Street of Corry, PA
My Hellody, #42, from the Dutchland Rollers
And Delicate Flower, from Crown City Rollerz in Cortland, NY

Will it be Mayhem on the track?  Or will the girls in green get Punished?  Find out at Saturday's bout at Penn Skates!