What's Up Next

Though SCAR has a little over a month off between the St. Valentine's Massacre and the April 7th matchup between the Happy Valley Dolls and Rochester, NY's Roc City B-Sides, that doesn't mean that SCAR skaters, refs and volunteers aren't working hard.

This weekend's Mayhem on the Mountain pits the best and most brutal of skaters from Pennsylvania against the best and most brutal skaters of New York, including at least two SCAR Derby skaters.  SCAR's own SOUNDS Like Magic and Aralia Spine will be competing on behalf of Pennsylvania. 

SCAR's own Hootie's Booty was also scheduled to compete, but after a lower body injury during the St,. Valentine's Massacre she was designated day to day on skating -- even if she isn't playing, though, she'll be there to cheer the other SCARs on, as will many team members.

On the officiating rosters, Brawl N Order will be serving as an outside pack ref, while Flannery O'Clobber will be penalty wrangling. And the poster was designed by none other than SCAR's own Danni Savage, who also designed Team USA's World Cup t-shirts.

Want tickets?  No need -- admission is free!  Hope to see you at the Mountain!

All SCARs Were Once SCABs

The lovely and talented A.P.

It's true -- once upon a time, all of the skaters that you now see tearing up the rink and opposing teams' skaters were once newbies, some of whom could barely skate and some of whom came to SCAR with an extensive background in skating or other sports.

This Sunday, an intrepid crew of new skaters tried out for SCAR, and qualified to start training with the team as SCABs or "Fresh Meat." What does this mean? It means that for the next eight weeks they will work on skating fundamentals and derby essentials in hopes of passing their Level 1 assessments. If they pass their Level 1 assessments, they will become eligible for contact, meaning that they will then be allowed to hit and be hit. (Not like in the photo, though that seems to be how some people think it works.)

Among the new crew are Kate Anton and Amber Parker, who you may recognize from SCAR bouts. Both previously volunteered or acted as non-skating officials for the league, and have been involved in derby in a variety of non-skating roles. Joining them are a crew of new but very enthusiastic and talented skaters.

So, congratulations to our newest SCABs -- and best of luck on becoming SCARs!

We Want You

...to be part of roller derby in State College!
So you think Roller Derby looks like fun? Think it would be a great workout, a way to get involved in your community and meet a great group of new friends? Well, you're right!!

Tryouts are this Sunday, February 26th.  Don't worry if you missed the clinic -- you can still try out.  Tryouts are free -- just bring yourself, your gear*, and a great attitude to Penn Skates rink this Sunday at 6 p.m. The roughly 2-hour assessment will include falls, basic skating, and endurance.  Meet the women and men of SCAR Derby and show them what you've got!
And we're not just looking for refs and skaters, either.  There are dozens of ways to be involved as a volunteer!
Keep your eye on this page for more info, dates and times, and email recruitment@scarderby.com if you're interested or have more questions. See you at the rink!

*gear includes a mouth guard, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.  Don't worry about skates -- if you don't have them, you can borrow them from Penn Skates.

What You Missed

Saturday's St. Valentine's Massacre was entertainment of the highest caliber.  There were flying derby girls, hard hits, singing Girl Scouts, and a bell-to-bell hard-fought contest for local bragging rights.  Ultimately, the Mount Nittany Mayhem came out on top, scoring 192 to the Pennsyltucky Punishers' 89. 

More coming soon -- meanwhile, here's a taste of what you'll be reading about -- more can be found at SCAR's Facebook page.

Aralia Spine of the Mount Nittany Mayhem booty blocking Kyssing Kaos, jammer for the Pennsyltucky Punishers.  Photo courtesy of SCAR's Official Photographer, Chuck Fong of Studio2. fongstudio2.com

My Hellody, guest skater and jammer for the Mount Nittany Mayhem vies with Freak Hopper Hedy for the lead.  Photo courtesy of SCAR's Official Photographer, Chuck Fong of Studio2. fongstudio2.com

The league, the Girl Scouts, and just a few of the many people who helped make this bout a reality. Photo courtesy of SCAR's Official Photographer, Chuck Fong of Studio2. fongstudio2.com

But Wait -- Guest Skaters for the Mount Nittany Mayhem!

As if the upcoming St. Valentine's Massacre weren't exciting enough with all the abundant SCAR Derby homegrown talent, SCAR Derby is also playing host to a few talented skaters from other leagues who've agreed to share their talent and time with the league and fans.

Not to be outdone by the Pennsyltucky Punishers, the Mount Nittany Mayhem have also recruited their own stable of hard-brawling guest skaters. 

In this corner, for the Mount Nittany Mayhem, we have:
Twisted-Destini, #F8, from the the Nightmares on Main Street of Corry, PA
My Hellody, #42, from the Dutchland Rollers
And Delicate Flower, from Crown City Rollerz in Cortland, NY

Will it be Mayhem on the track?  Or will the girls in green get Punished?  Find out at Saturday's bout at Penn Skates!

In This Corner, Guest Skaters for the Pennsyltucky Punishers!

Bratter Ben RueD

As if the upcoming St. Valentine's Massacre weren't exciting enough with all the abundant SCAR Derby homegrown talent, SCAR Derby is also playing host to a few talented skaters from other leagues who've agreed to share their talent and time with the league and fans.

First up, for the Punishers:

 We've seen all of these ladies make the differences for their teams in clutch contests -- will they make the difference for the Pennsyltucky Punishers?

Get to Know: Lady F'n Justice

Don't let the silly face fool you.  Lady F'n Justice is an upstanding member of the community, a longtime SCAR Derby volunteer, and a major asset to the roller derby community.  Starting as a non-skating official during SCAR Derby's inaugural season, she took the plunge into the April Fresh Meat class and has been working ever since to become a skating member of the SCAR community.  Having just passed her referee assessment, the St. Valentine's Massacre will be her debut as a referee.

So we sat down with her to ask a few questions about her experience with SCAR -- and don't you know she answered them all, and then some.

Off the track, what kind of work do you do?  Do you have any other hobbies besides roller derby?
I was a graduate student in a Child Development PhD program. I am now a Postdoctoral Fellow.

What drew you to roller derby?

My boyfriend was a ref, so I started helping out with the league. After spending time with the ladies, I fell in love with both the derby girls and the sport itself. I just couldn’t resist.

What is your position while playing/participating, and how do *you* approach it?

I was a scorekeeper as a non-skating official (NSO) and am now going to be a ref. I took my scorekeeping position seriously, and learned how best to support the teams and the refs by reading the rules and asking questions. The most important aspect was showing up on time with a good attitude. All jobs are important, no matter how (un)glamorous. As a ref, I try to skate and safely as I can. I also do my best to study the rules whenever I have free time.

What do you think about SCAR’s upcoming schedule?  What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

I am absolutely psyched about SCAR’s upcoming schedule! The derby girls have come such a long way in the last year. I love seeing them get better, use more strategy while playing, and get the crowd pumped up.

This year as a ref, I personally, hope to know the rules well enough to make the game more safe and fair for all players involved. I know I will make my mistakes. I know that I will make some of the derby girls mad at me during the bout. I know I will make good and bad calls. I just hope I learn more and more with every practice and event. I also hope that I am able to help the derby players gain a more in-depth grasp of the complicated derby rules.

What do you find most challenging about your position?

Having people understand that my enforcement of the rules as a ref is not personal. I am just trying to do my job as best I can. Also, that refs miss things, and cannot call a penalty unless they see the beginning, middle, and end. There is a lot to look for on that track.

As a ref, I will miss something important. I will make a bad call. Talking to me after about it, and helping me understand your point of view will make me a better ref, and maybe you a better player. Yelling at me, may get out some of your frustration, so go ahead, do what you need to do as a derby girl. However, it will not help me learn to make better calls. I guarantee it.

What SCAR achievements are you most proud of?

I am just happy that I can stay up on my skates. Before August, I was barely able to balance myself on roller skates. Now, I can do t-stops and crossovers. For a klutz like me, that is an achievement.

What was your most embarrassing SCAR moment?

Where to begin? I am constantly embarrassing myself when I fall, especially when it is flat on my back. However, you just laugh at yourself, brush yourself off, and try again.

What would you tell a person who is thinking about coming to a SCAR Bout/trying out to ref or skate for SCAR/volunteering with SCAR?

Just do it!!! Come and join us. Seriously, you will have a good time.

Who supports you in doing roller derby, and what would you say to them?

I got a great deal of support from my fellow fresh meat cohort, the refs, and most of the derby girls that I know well.

What would I say to them? Thanks for making me a better person. I hope that I enhance your life in some way too!!!

Any injury stories?

None so far. Is anyone knocking on wood for me? Someone? Anyone?

Announcing the Monkey Zebras

What would a roller derby bout be without refs?  This weekend's St. Valentine's Massacre, like many of SCAR Derby's bouts, is made possible not only by our own refs, but by a few intrepid souls from nearby leagues who are willing to give up a day or more to help SCAR Derby maintain law and order.

Without further ado, here they are:

From SCAR Derby:
  • The Popo
  • D-Limb Her
  • Brawl & Order
  • And Announcing the debut of Lady F'n Justice

And our guests (below):
  • Assay Kicker of the New Jersey Hellrazors
  • O.G. Whiz of the Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens
  • and Nox Nimbus of the Lake Erie Derby Dames

Assay Kicker of the New Jersey Hellrazors

Nox Nimbus of the Lake Erie Derby Dames

OG Whiz of the Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens

Leaving Our Mark On the Local Community

By Alka-Velsor

“Without Art [and I like to think, Roller Derby] the crudeness of the world would be unbearable.” –George Bernard Shaw.

Whether they are on or off skates, the ladies and gents of SCAR Derby hold community involvement in a very high regard.  Last year we selected various non-profit organizations to support at our home bouts, such as The Centre County Women’s Resource Center and Toys For Tots, as well as had teams participate in local charitable walks/runs/events.  Additionally, skaters are a generally philanthropic bunch, and SCAR Derby skaters and refs donate their time, talent, and treasure to a variety of local non-profit organizations.

This year we are exploring new ways to become involved with local non-profits, and will be seeking to partner with a number of them during SCAR Derby's bouting season.  The first of these beneficiaries will be the Community Arts Collective (CAC).

The CAC was formed in 2009 by group of people sharing a common interest in the arts and the desire
to create positive change within the community. Among them is SCAR Derby skater Animalisa, who is debuting as a member of the Mount Nittany Mayhem this weekend in the St. Valentine's Massacre.  Walking down Calder Alley, between Allen Street and Fraser Street, you probably have noticed the newest downtown mural on the side of McLanahan’s.  You can thank the CAC for this “Dreams Take Flight” community mural project and look forward to their next mural project, “The Colors of Music.”  

We are happy to contribute 100% of the proceeds from our half-time duck toss event at our 2nd Annual St. Valentines Massacre bout this Saturday, Feb. 18th to this project.  Be sure to stop by the Community Arts Collective table at the bout for more information and to find out how you can help the CAC.    

Who's In?

The Dust Has Cleared -- Time for Some Romance

Thanks to everyone who entered our "Love Hurts" contest.  Hundreds of SCAR fans shared the love and got a chance to take their sweeties to this weekend's St. Valentine's Massacre.

The "Love Hurts" contest winners are:
  • Emily Mahoney
  • Bernardita Maria Yunis Varas
  • Joseph Firrantello
  • Hilary Barlow
  • Blake Ruth
  • Ashley Standeven
  • Jonathan McVerry
  • Each of them will receive two tickets to this Saturday's bout between the Pennsyltucky Punishers and the Mount Nittany Mayhem.  Congratulations to the winners!

Get to Know: Freak Hopper Hedy

Photo courtesy of Chuck Fong at Studio 2.
Freak Hopper Hedy is one of SCAR's longer-term players, joining about 14 months ago when the League was just forming.  Playing for the Happy Valley Dolls, she is also a proud member of the Pennsyltucky Punishers. 

We sat down with her recently, and asked her to tell us more about her strategy, name, and more.

Tell us about your roller derby name, how did you come up with it?  

It’s an homage to Hedy Lamarr. Hedy is best know as an actress of the sliver screen, first gaining notoriety for her role in Ecstasy featuring several nude scenes of the actress -- some of the earliest “full frontals” to be included in a major motion picture.  More importantly, she also invented frequency hopping in the 1940’s -- a method of signal transmission aimed at avoiding detection and jamming by enemy combatants during WWII.  This technology is still used in telecommunications today.  

With a background in computer science and engineering, working in the field of data communications, the name seemed fitting.  Like Roller Derby (and I’d like to think myself) Lamarr embodies a kind of ideal for me – unapologetically mixing roles that are traditionally feminine and masculine.  

Plus, we share the same birthday -- November 9th.

What is your athletic background?

Not really any -- I skated a lot as a kid, then later when roller blades were all the rage, I roller bladed regularly for exercise.  So, I have some skating background, but never really played sports.

Off the track, what kind of work do you do?  

I’m a systems engineer, and sometimes I volunteer at the Adult Education Center.

What is your position while playing/participating, and how do *you* approach it?

Jammer/Blocker.  These are very different positions.  Jamming feels natural to me, like shoving your way through a line; it doesn’t take a lot of thought -- you find the hole and proceed.   Blocking is more cerebral and awkward -- it’s like being in a line, but instead of pushing your way through, you’re deliberately in someone’s personal space, trying to knock them over, holding up the whole line -- not the kind of thing you want to do at the grocery store.

What drew you to roller derby?

I thought it would be good exercise during the winter and I love skating.

What’s one thing that you have learned from Derby that you are able to use in everyday life?

Politics are important.  You look like an idiot when you get pissed off.  … actually, scratch that, I think I learned this before roller derby, but if you haven’t mastered these skills before you get here (or anywhere), you’ll need them.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Part II

Last week, we commented on some upcoming roster moves.  Now that the dust has settled from that process, we have some news to communicate.

1. The Mayhem got a new skater -- Animalisa. Animalisa tried out for SCAR in April of 2011, and has made steady progress through the ranks, most recently passing her Level 2 assessments this week.  When not at the rink, Animalisa is a student, artist and musician, and recommended SCAR's halftime game beneficiary.  Animalisa brings a toughness to the game that is hard to beat.  She plays both as a blocker and as a jammer.

2. The Punishers will be captained by #8, Hootie's Bootie.  Lots has been written about Hootie's Bootie across the internets, so we won't comment much here.  You all already know that she was an Olympic contender in speed skating, and appears in many best-of lists across the northeast along with her twin, #21 SOUNDS Like Magic.  As captain, Hootie hopes to bring her strategic skills and ability to lead by example to the Punishers.

3. The Mayhem will be captained by #16, EmMunition.  As the slogan goes, "guns don't kill people -- EmMunition kills people."  Em, like Hootie, has been with SCAR Derby for most of its history, and also plays on the Happy Valley Dolls, where she has been described as "a brute," and "the person you watch out for in the pack."  In any case, EmMunition plans to bring her toughness and determination to advancing the Mayhem. 

We still don't quite know who the guest skaters will be.  But do these personnel changes change your feelings about the outcome of the bout?  Who do you think will prevail, and why?

What It Takes

Roller Derby is a lot of things: camaraderie, athleticism, and competition.  But it's also hard work.  Roller girls and Refs put lot of time and money into making SCAR Derby successful. Here's what to expect if you think you want to join the ranks:
  • 2-3 practices per week, 2 hours each
  • Monthly league meeting, 1-2 hours
  • Committee meetings as needed
  • Bouts. Home bouts occur roughly 7 times a season, and these usually take up the better part of the day, if you include the after-party :)
  • Away bouts occur 7 or 8 times a season. These can involve long drives and overnights for those who make the travel team or opt to come along.
  • Monthly rink fees-$35 also allows access to open skates on weekends and holidays.
  • League dues-$40 biannually.
  • USARS-$45 per year.
  • Equipment-$200+ for mouth guard, skates, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards (bare minimum equipment to play).
  • Clinic to learn basic skills-$25 for 4 hour skills learning and open skate.
Is it all worth it?  40ish skaters and refs think so.  It's hard work, but a ton of fun as well.  If you'd like to try it, we have a clinic coming up on 2/19 where you can learn all the skills that you'll need to try out on 2/26.  Email recruitment@scarderby.com

Get to Know: Melee Cyrus

Melee Cyrus started playing SCAR Derby when SCAR was still being called "that team that I think we should form."  However, these days she can be found off skates, volunteering as a non-skating official (or NSO) to ensure that SCAR Derby's bouts come off smoothly, and ensuring that the team's supply of Girl Scout cookies never runs low.    

How long have you been playing and participating? 

I helped start the league back in October of 2010!  I actually coined the SCAR name, my one claim to fame for the league. These days, I am an NSO, usually in charge of tracking penalties or penalty wrangling

Tell us about your derby name. 

I was originally calling myself Venus De Melee, which I thought was kind of clever.  However, Brace and a few others started calling me Melee Cyrus, and it stuck.  I also go by Angry Librarian.

Off the track, what are your work and hobbies?

I am a school librarian, and mother of two kids.  My life outside of derby is pretty much devoted to my kids, helping with scouts and working for the swim team.

What was your most embarassing SCAR moment?

My most embarassing SCAR moment was when I wore my skates out in the rain to go grab something in my car and ended up wiping out on the sidewalk! I dislocated my elbow and felt really stupid.

What have you learned from Derby that you can apply to everyday life?

One thing that I have learned from Derby that I can apply to my every day life is that I am a lot more fun than I used to give myself credit for.  Being a wife and mom, surrounded by children all day every day, I felt like I lost part of my personality in between Sesame Street episodes.  Having time to talk with women from all different backgrounds allowed me to become more of myself again.  I also learned that I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for.  I wouldn't want to run into me in a dark alley!

What's the thing you love most about being an NSO? 

Since I am no longer practicing with the team, I feel that being an NSO is the next best thing.  It is the best seat in the house to watch the bouts!

Note: SCAR Derby is still looking for volunteers!  If you're interested, email bout.coordinator@scarderby.com.

If It Looks Like Derby, You're Gonna Have Fun

Never been to a roller derby bout and don't know what to expect?  Well, you can expect nothing less than AWESOME!  Here's a few shots from our last Punishers-Mayhem smack down.  Just wait until you see it in motion - it's fast, rough and tumble and an all around great time!

Don't miss out and get your tickets now!

*All photos by Matthew Becker.

Shenita Stretcher Joins SCAR Derby!

...for two days, anyway.  Elena "Shenita Stretcher" Jaworski, badass derby girl and World Cup champion, will be guest coaching SCAR for two practices this upcoming week. 

As Blood and Thunder magazine reports:

Shenita Stretcher began skating with the Philly Roller Girls in the fall of 2006. Skating in her 5th season, Shenita captains the defending Warrior Cup champions, The Broad Street Butchers, and skates with Philly's All-Star travel team, The Liberty Belles. Shenita skates with national All-star teams such as Flying Sparkling Object Posse and Team Legit. She is also as skater for Quadzilla's Team Antik. Her overall awareness for derby is seen all over the track. Whether juking or jumping through the pack as a blocker or jammer, Shenita is recognized for her skill, strength, and attitude on the track. This has earned her the respect as an athlete in the derby community. Though Shenita enjoys spreading her knowledge and experience of the sport, she never stops learning and growing as an athlete. Shenita has independently coached leagues such as The Big Easy Roller Girls, Mobile Roller Derby, South Jersey Derby Girls, and Jersey Shore Roller Girls. Shenita Stretcher is excited to jump into more derby players' lives and share her magical powers.
Like most derby teams, SCAR alternates its coaching staff with guest coaches periodically to bring in outside knowledge, teach new skills, and compliment the general training program.  We're thrilled to host Shenita Stretcher, and can't wait to find out what she has to teach the ladies of SCAR Derby.

Three Steps to Trying Out for SCAR Derby

Thinking about reffing or skating?  Here are a few things you should know.

  1. Mark Your Calendar.
    1. The informational meeting for volunteering is 2/15, from 8-10p.m., at Penn Skates.  While not required, volunteering is a great way to get to know SCAR.  We always need volunteers for on-track and off-track non-skating positions.
    2. The first bout of the season  is 2/18.  And the best way to get to know derby is by observing it.  Tickets can be bought online, or from your favorite rollergirl. 
    3. The clinic for prospective skaters is 2/19, and the cost is $25.  Bring safety gear (knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet, a mouth guard), and a good attitude. You don't have to attend the clinic to try out, but the clinic is where you'll meet some of the team and get training on the skills that you'll be tested on for tryouts.  In other words, it's optional but highly recommended.
    4. Tryouts are 2/26.  Come rested and hydrated, and good luck!
  2. Get Ready.
    1. Go skate.  Penn Skates is our home rink, across from the airport. 
    2. Read articles and watch videos.  There are tons of these on the internet, but we especially recommend visiting WFTDA to get to know the rules and checking out the videos on crossovers, stride, and falls online.
  3. Let Us Know Who You Are. Email recruitment@scarderby.com to get on the list of prospective skaters/refs.
And good luck -- we hope to see you at tryouts!

2nd Annual Slaughter: Pennsyltucky Punishers vs. the Mount Nittany Mayhem

It's that time of year again. Teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes line the store shelves, love and romance are on the chilly night air, and the hard hitting ladies of SCAR Derby are lacing up their skates for our 2nd (soon to be annual) Valentine's Day Massacre!

Come marvel at how far we've come in a year as the Mt. Nittany Mayhem takes on the Pennsyltucky Punishers.
Saturday, February 18, 2012 will be the opening season bout, featuring the Intraleague Teams of SCAR -- The Pennsyltucky Punishers and the Mount Nittany Mayhem. Doors 5:00pm Action begins 5:30pm
Tickets are $8 (cash only at door)
Free admission for kids 10 and under.

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased:
This bout will feature a few special guests and games.  Specifically, the Heart of Pennsylvania Girl Scouts will be our guests -- Girl Scouts in uniform are admitted free of charge, and will lead the audience in the pre-game National Anthem. A half time duck toss game will also be available to benefit the Community Arts Collective.

It's going to be tons of fun, not to mention an opportunity to see the up and coming skaters of SCAR Derby as well as the seasoned pros.  Don't miss it!


Those of you who watched last year's bouts may be surprised to see new faces in Punishers and Mayhem uniforms -- both new skaters, and skaters on different teams.  So many factors affect the way that teams develop -- attrition, the development of individual skaters, injuries, and so on.  So recently the Mayhem and Punishers were "rebalanced" -- this means that they traded players in some cases and debuted a new roster. 
  • For the Pennsyltucky Punishers, the new roster consists of Juana Teaze, the Ovarian Fyst, If You Seek Aimee, Freak Hopper Heddy, Party Girl Accelerator, Kissing Kaos, Alka-Velsor, Mae B Nasty, Black Out Betty, Hootie's Bootie, and Suenami.
  • For the Mount Nittany Mayhem, the roster includes Bump and Grabher, Danni Savage, Sounds Like Magic, Em Munition, Miss Tart, Cu Joh, Va Johnna, Jass Whoopin, Hells Mels, Glitter and Doom, and Aralia Spine.
"But wait!" you say.  That's only 11-12 skaters per side!  And normally a team would seat more than that!" 

Correct you are -- we're not done constructing the teams' rosters.  There are two ways that this will happen:
  • SCAR will host guest skaters -- in fact, SCAR often hosts guest refs, too, and is expecting some folks to help us out from the Eerie Roller Girls during this particular bout. We'll keep you posted on those developments.
  • New skaters will be assessed and qualify to bout.  SCAR currently has a handful of skaters who have made their way through tryouts, through Fresh Meat camp, and through Level 1 assessments -- they will be taking their Level 2 assessments TONIGHT. We look forward to telling you which ones will be debuting in this bout. And, of course, we wish them luck, too. 
Finally, you might have noticed that the teams haven't yet announced captains -- this is because they have yet to choose them.  That should occur sometime this week, as well, and we will share that news when it's available to us.

Keep an eye on this space for these and other developments.  There's a lot happening in Derbyland!

Now Available: Advance Tickets!

Don't want to worry about not getting in to the opening bout of the SCAR Derby Season? 

Tickets can be purchased from your favorite derby girl, or online from Brown Paper Tickets, while they last.

Buy now!  Or risk missing out!